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  • Whatever your goal or ambition I can contribute to your wishes.
  • I search always for kind and alternative training tools and learn constantly how to translate that to my horse and rider combinations.
  • Therefore I do not support tie-downs, martingales, anything other than a snaffle bit and of course support bit-less.
  • If you are afraid you cannot meet these requirements, I can teach you how to, so please get in touch.
  • Why not give yourself and your horse a better deal…..


Groundwork / In-hand / Lunging / Tricks /Young Horse / Problem solving / General skills / Safety / Liberty / Natural Horsemanship / Ground poles / Jumping / Agility/ Trailer loading

  • My education covers many subjects and I do not teach things I cannot do myself.
  • I invest annually to improve my knowledge and experience in pretty much all ground work activities.
  • Groundwork is such an important aspect of all horse training, no matter wat the discipline. There is very little point practicing for a competition if you cannot lead your horse or load it to get there.
  • It is dangerous to walk your horse in the forest or on the beach if they drag you to somebody else’s feed bucket when you are just leading them around at home.
  • If you can work your horse on the ground in a healthy movement with a wider knowledge how to do that, it can only support your riding.
  • If you have aspirations to do great things, ground work is the base for everything and anything linked to it.
  • Just like the riding, I do not believe in tie-downs, side-reins or any contraption that restricts the horse’s natural movement. It is very possible (scientifically proven) to achieve better results without them.
  • Where fashion and trend tend to take over a riders education and expectations, I work hard to reverse that. The result adds only years to the horse’s life rather than take them away.


Grooming /Bonding / Horse catching you / Undemanding time / Confidence building / Motivation / Inspiration / Psychology / Understanding who horses are / Spooking

  • Horses to me, are way more than just riding.
  • If you allow them, they can be great teachers and reinforce you to be a better you each and every day.
  • Learning who horses really are, their general needs and understanding why they do they things they do help reduce frustrations, accidents and develop better partnerships with their humans.


Mounting / Saddling / Bridling / Bit fitting / Bridle fitting / Tying / Bravery Training

  • The better your horse accepts a well fitted bridle and saddle, helps their human mount and understands to wait until they are asked to do something creates a beautiful partnership.
  • Tension and spooking can be understood so much better if the human learns how to prevent rather than cause.
  • If a horse cannot stand still quietly for grooming with hands that love and feel for them, then I only find the same happens in everything else the rider does with their horse.
  • The spooky corner in the arena, the plastic bag that ‘kills’ horses and the white dressage boards that ‘eat horses legs’ at a competition – it is not about them, it is about self-confidence and understanding the nature of the horse.
  • Too many times I hear people say – I do not use a stick or whip because my horse is afraid of it. What a shame. Let’s address whose fault that is. The stick is not to punish, the stick is to refine. Horses have a great ability to forgive, we can ask for forgiveness.


Dressage / Show-jumping / Ground-poles / Preparation for competition / Endurance planning

  • Although I have no plans to compete myself (am busy enough learning how to educate) I have competed in my younger years at an affiliated level.
  • I can teach you how to pace a course for show-jumping or the distances required for pole-work.
  • Preparing your horse’s fitness and condition is of super importance for any sport; it is here I can help you make a plan and look at the horses personal nutritional needs.
  • Opening and closing of gates – there is only one way – a safe way. This does not involve asking your horse to help you with their nose (very dangerous) but does involve them helping you with positioning their body in an appropriate place.
  • Bolting, spooking and getting excited or tense can all be resolved by addressing the cause first. Everybody is different, but the cause is usually the same.


Working Equitation / La Garrocha / Cattle work (stockmanship)

  • When we add purpose to a horses life we get better results. Especially if what we want of them is explained using patterns, isolation’s and a sequence they can remember as the animal they are and not how a human expects they should.
  • Learning how to ride a trail course not only creates a better partnership with your horse but it is also a lot of FUN!
  • I have spent extensive time in Colorado and Texas moving cattle and cutting on both green and experienced horses. In the past I have given 1 week courses with over 200 head of cattle to both beginners and advanced.
  • La Garrocha is a great tool to teach your horse purpose, ride perfect circles and improve your seat and aids. I see many a good horseman ride and even compete using this tool but the horse is afraid of it. This is not necessary. It is very possible to teach the horse to help you use and carry it.


Events / Local / Private




Private training / Confidentiality guaranteed / preparation for movie or series / English riding / Western riding / General skills / Archery / Other roles and subjects open for discussion / On-location / Worldwide

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